Tool support with the digital tool book TSM

Management of injection moulding tools
& die casting tools

tool availability

As an innovative support service provider for injection and die casting moulds, mould support for us goes beyond the repair, maintenance, optimization or modification of moulds

Together with you, we want to live up to our corporate claim „together for your productivity“ by increasing the mould availability of your injection molds and die casting tools.

Wir setzen daher auf die Digitalisierung des Werkzeugsupport mittels eines umfassenden, digitalem Werkzeuglebenslauf. Diesen bilden wir mit der eigens im Haus entwickelten TSM-Plattform, dem detaillierten digitalen Werkzeugbuch, ab.

The TSM platform is a detailed digital tool book. It enables us to digitally document every job carried out on the tool in a simple and detailed manner. The documentation is done by means of text, standardised selection fields as well as with the help of media (pictures and/or video).

Tool orders

  • For each support order, a clear order report is automatically generated, which contains all relevant information and media for the order. This includes:
  • Order type
    (e.g. small maintenance, repair, optimisation)
  • Cycle number
  • Relevant test steps
    (e.g. inspection of the hot runner, lubrication of the guides, etc.)
  • Defect, damage patterns
    (e.g. surface defects (such as scratches, grooves), ejector breakage, etc.)
  • Measures carried out
    (TIG welding, milling, spotting, etc.)
  • Result
  • Before and after pictures or videos
  • and much more

All relevant tool information in one hand

With your personal access to the TSM platform, you always have a full overview of your tools. You can also track the status of your tool order live. All you need to do is log in via your internet browser.

Tool dashboard

The information from all orders is processed and transferred to a tool dashboard. Here, all relevant information is displayed in clear diagrams. This provides an overview of the tool status at a glance, as well as a view of the individual completed service orders. Furthermore, the progress of the current service order can be tracked in real time.

Increased tool availability

The detailed and transparent documentation enables a more targeted root cause analysis. This makes it easier for us to identify potential weak points, recurring problems on the mould, and possible optimization options. We can then increase the availability of your moulds in a targeted manner through coordinated measures.

Tool dashboard
Overview order types
Overview defects
detailled damage patterns
Temporal progression of the error patterns

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