Modular Moulding SYSTEMS

Injection-moulded parts


Small batch and series production on injection moulding machines from 400 kN up to 6500 kN clamping force.

Mould inserts / modules


Mould inserts and modules available in different variants.
Special sizes available on request.


Platform tools


Platform tools for mould inserts and modules.


Platform strategy

Platform moulds are a platform strategy of Sauer & Sohn Formentechnik.

  • Our aim is to offer a standardised, modular, technical basis for injection moulds.
  • Depending on the type and specification, the articles can be easily and quickly inserted into the platform mould by means of individual mould inserts.
    • From single to multiple cavities
  • Field of application:
    • Prototypes, small series & series production
    • as well as all branches

The platform tools come in different variants.
The variants are compatible with each other so that inserts can be exchanged.



  • Shortening the manufacturing time from the 3D model to the injection moulded part by approx. 35% to 50%
  • Switching from one article / module to another on the machine in < 5 min.


  • Scaling of the output quantity up to 4 times in one single tool
  • Form quantity 1 up to > 5,000,000


  • Cost savings of up to 40% regarding the manufacture of tools
  • Higher productivity due to quick change of injection moulded articles / modules


  • Insert material and tool structure available from stock



Cavities can be changed on the injection moulding machine

  • Insert change on the machine including Ejection system & hot runner interface in under 5 min

Adaptive hot runner system

  • Specially developed, adaptive hot runner system for quick change of mould inserts / modules.

Scalability of part production

small demand

  • Small planned output quantity
  • Production of one insert, production of the parts in single module platform tool

Medium demand

  • Increasing demanded output quantity
  • Manufacturing of another
    mould insert
    • Only mechanical manufacturing and assembly necessary
    • CAD & CAM already performed
  • Production with both
    inserts in existing dual modules platform tool

High demand

  • Further increase in demanded output
  • Manufacturing of two other mould inserts
    • Only mechanical manufacturing and assembly necessary
    • CAD & CAM already performed
  • Production with the four
    inserts in existing fourfold modules platform moulds

Production of parts

Production on our own machines or in our cooperation network

The machine park includes injection moulding machines from 400 kN to 6500 kN with a maximum injection weight of 3150 g

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